Nice chap

I have read and heard a lot this week about my old chum Jacob Rees-Mogg, and it has not all been good. Actually, I use the term old chum in the loosest possible terms here as, to my knowledge, we have never actually met, but we do move in the same circles and I am sure our paths have crossed at some point over the years. Anyway, as I was saying, the media seem to be having a field day over old Jacob and I for one do not think they are being totally fair.

I mean, he seems a nice enough chap. He is from good stock and seems to be saying all the right things, so what have they all got against him? I know that he can be a little rebellious at times, and doesn’t always tow the party line, but surely that is what we need in this country, people who are prepared to stand up for their beliefs and not just play “follow the leader” all the time.

I have heard people criticise him for his accent! Now that is something I can’t understand at all. I have heard him speak on the radio and his accent sounds perfectly fine to me. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If he had a broad northern or cockney accent I could understand people’s criticisms, but he hasn’t. He speaks like any other well-educated person. I have been told he sounds a little like me in fact, but I could not swear to the accuracy of that.

No, to me, Rees-Mogg is one of those upstanding and respected sort of chaps that this country needs if we are to make Britain truly Great again.

As for his becoming leader of the Conservative Party, well, why not? I am a great fan of Theresa May, but she has made a number of silly mistakes that may in the end, cost her her position. I feel rather sorry for her actually. I am not sure she was really ready to take on the role of PM, but that is the way things went so she has to make the most of it.

Jacob Rees-Mogg came up in conversation with Dorothy yesterday evening and I must say I was rather surprised at her reaction. It seems that not everyone sees him the way I do, and Dorothy certainly doesn’t share my opinion of him. In fact, she was unusually insulting about the poor chap. Mind you, in heer defence I believe she has actually come across him so may know him better than I do, but still, the names she called him were a little uncalled for.

It seems that Dorothy and I do not always see eye-to-eye on political matters. She is far too liberal, but I suppose that comes from being an actor. And of course, she takes a great exception to his views on gay marriage, but I am not going to go down that particular avenue right now. That is a whole new can of worms that I am trying to keep a lid on at the present time.

Which reminds me, I am off to the country later this afternoon for a weekend of fun with some old chums from school. Dasher has found is a place that accommodates the wives and girlfriends, offering them some kind of beauty therapies and the like, leaving us chaps to enjoy our own outdoor pursuits. I did ask Dorothy if she would like to join me for a the, but it seems she is too busy doing theatrical things.

And I should just say that all has been quiet on the Aunt Murdock front recently. I was expecting a summons this week but she seems to be avoiding me. In fact I haven’t seen her since her misguided attempt to set me up with Dorothy or Angela. I don’t even know if she is aware of her mistake over that particular foray into matchmaking. I will try to pop in to see her on my way home on Sunday I think; see how the land lies sort of thing.

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