Too much pampering is bad for the skin


Good evening. I have just arrived back home after a weekend with friends in the country. And what a jolly time we have all had.

Many of the ladies spent their time in the hotel undergoing all manner of beauty treatments, not that I could see much to show for their efforts. It is one of those things that I just don’t understand. Why do women spend so much time and money on these spas and therapies, particularly when there is often little if anything to show for all the effort. It always strikes me as such a waste.

I mean, how can spending most of the day either sweating away in a steam room or soaking in a bath full of bubbles be any good for a body? I even heard that some of the ladies spent a fair portion of yesterday afternoon covered in mud! I am assured that all of these things are good for the skin, but I am of the belief that there is nothing better for the complexion that simple soap and water. It strikes me that the only people who benefit from all this steam, mud, randomly applied vegetation and sweat are the companies that provide it.

Having watched several of my closest acquaintances’ girlfriends and wives undergo two days of of such “treatment” I can categorically state that they are of no value whatsoever. But the ladies seemed to get some form of pleasure out of the whole thing which I suppose is what it is all about.

Personally I find all this pampering and preening more than a little unnecessary. I don’t hold with the notion that ladies need to put themselves through such torture just for the sake of looking good. In my limited experience real ladies look well enough just as they are.

Whilst the ladies were doing their own thing back in the hotel, the chaps and I had a splendid time shooting and playing golf. Not that I am particularly good at either, but I do enjoy taking part. More than anything it is an opportunity to catch up on each other’s news and opinions. And actually, with help from Dasher, I seemed to improve my shooting, hitting more targets than I missed for once. Unfortunately I remain in the bottom half as far as golf is concerned, but in my defence, it is a sport my father despised so it is one I have only come to enjoy quite recently.

Although I didn’t partake myself, a number of the chaps also managed to fit in a spot of fishing in the lakes beside the golf course. Now there is a sport I really don’t understand. I can see the attraction of the solitude and quiet, but sitting by the side of the water in all weathers, rummaging around in a box of worms just so you can jank some poor defenseless fish from the waters seems such a waste of time. Unless, of course, you plan on eating lightle blighter. But from what I can gather, most fishermen throw their catch back into the water!

Anyway, now I am home and can prepare for another of my meetings with Aunt Murdock tomorrow. I know that there are some business matters that need to be attended to, and I really should start to take an interest in them. Some of the chaps seem to think I am mad to leave all my financial affairs in the hands of my aunt, but she really does do such a wonderful job and I know I will make an awful mess of things if I had to deal with it all myself.

Time now for a quick snifter at the Club.


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