Climbing the family tree

One thing that I have noticed recently, both online (I am getting up with all the jargon now!) and on the television, is that many people are enthusiastically researching their family history.

I suppose that coming from a family like mine I am fairly lucky when it comes to looking into your ancestry. Mine is the type of family for which there are fairly extensive records, but not all of it. Certainly on my mother’s side it is all a bit of a mystery as they were mainly from trade or professional backgrounds.

And of course, you can’t always be sure that the stories one has been told, or even read, are as accurate as one might hope. After all, there are some things that families may wish to cover up to avoid scandal. Not that I think for a single moment that my family has anything worth hiding, but one never knows.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I might like to do a little research on the matter; try to find out more about my forebears and where I have come from. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea where to start. I know there are records one can search through at libraries and museums and such. It can’t be too difficult, I have seen those celebrities do it on that program, whatever it is called.

And would you believe it, just as I was pouring myself a small brandy and considering how I might go about the whole thing when who should turn up but my charming godson Nigel. Now, when it comes to things of a technological nature, I am a bit of an old dinosaur, but Nigel is a veritable wiz with that kind of thing. He was a little surprised when I mentioned my little project, but in no time at all he was on the computer and setting things up for me. And would you know, by the time he left about an hour later, I was up and running and my family tree started to take some shape.

He has promised to call back later this week to show me more about how to search online records and such. He said something about signing me up to some kind of online ancestry service or other. It is all beyond me but I am sure I will get the hang of it. After all, it is only a short time since I since I first got myself onto all this and look at me now! Whilst I admit that I am hardly an expert, I am getting quite good at all the typing and surfing.

Earlier this afternoon I had a chat with young Dorothy about the family, as it is more her side than mine I need to brush up on. She was able to fill in a few gaps so I am more than ready to get stuck in, as they say.

It seems that there is more to computers than cats and people falling over.

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