All in a day’s work

As planned, I was up and about at the crack of dawn this morning to prepare for work. What a strange sentence that is; not that I am unaccustomed to work you know, it is just that it has been some time since I last attempted a day at the office. Sometimes it is easy to forget that I did actually work for my father for almost a year before he suggested I take a more relaxed view to my career.

And by relaxed, he meant, stay at home and don’t come back!

My father and I had a fairly good relationship. We didn’t always see eye to eye and I know that he was often disappointed with my choices, but on the whole we got along extremely well. He was very supportive of my various little projects, but when it came to business matters he was extremely ruthless. He gave me no special treatment, not that I wanted it of course.

So, anyway, this morning was a little out of the ordinary for me. Mrs Kaczka had prepared a breakfast suitable for a working man: bacon, sausage, eggs and toast. I must admit that most mornings Mrs Kaczka would just prepare me some toast and a pot of coffee, which was usually enough, but to day I needed something a little more substantial. By the time I had finished my breakfast, browsed the newspaper and decided on the most suitable attire, I arrived at the office shortly before 10 o’clock.

The rest of the morning was spent with my secretary going over office politics and the kind of things I might expect to face. I must say that it all sounds jolly straight forward. It seems to be mainly attending meetings, signing papers and, occasionally making decisions. I may not have actually done a great deal today, but it have to admit that by mid day I was more than ready for lunch. It was quite a busy morning, but if they all go like that I am sure I will manage.

I had thought I might bump into Aunt Murdock in the office, but it seems she had other engagements today. However, I am assured that she does very often visit the office at some point during the morning, although not as frequently recently as she had in the past.

I returned home after lunch, around 3 o’clock, feeling quite exhilarated by my day’s exertions. I was even tempted to return to the office for the afternoon, but decided not to put too much pressure on my secretary, Miss Drayton.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the way things went this morning. I often hear some the chaps complaining about how exhausted they get when they have to go into their offices, but I found the whole thing quite exhilarating and I don’t think I am going to have any issues keeping to my promise to dear old Aunt Murdock.

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