No time for resolutions

It is that time of year when one is expected to make a resolution, things one wants to give up or to start. If I am being totally honest I have to say that I have never held with the whole new year resolution thing and I don’t understand why people bother. After all, the majority of resolutions made tonight will be broken by the end of February.

My mother was always very keen on this kind of thing. She would often press me to either give up something she saw as a bad habit or to take on some new project or other. It goes without saying that I have never kept any of them. But then again, neither did she.

I can’t help thinking that the middle of the winter is probably not the best time to be thinking of making fresh starts. New Year is just a fluke of the calendar; it lands in the middle of winter with two very cold and wet months still to come. As far as I can see January is a very bad time to be making life-changing decisions. If one is going to make big decisions then maybe the best time for doing it is the spring. At least then there are the warmer summer months to help brighten one’s outlook.

This evening I am going down to the Club to join the chaps for our regular New Year celebrations. I had hoped that Hope would join me as my guest but since she left the house with Simon I haven’t been able to speak to her. As it is I am sure I will have a great evening, as usual, enjoying a drink or three with friends. There are worse ways to see out the old year.

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